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   Rittech SA   CH 1232 Confignon    Switzerland

Meilleurs voeux pour une bonne et heureuse Nouvelle Année
Beste Wünsche für ein glückliches und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year
Sinceri auguri per un felice e prospero Anno Nuovo


Our prices

bulletThey are in Swiss francs (CHF). To convert them into Euro (€) they would unfortunately today have to be multiplied by about 0.85 and for US-Dollars ($) by about 1.04 .
bulletHowever, in the actual difficult situation we are as always open for discussions and arrangements. (Last update : 17.01.2018)
bulletWe take cash in any foreign currencies at the bank exchange rate of the day.
bulletWe accept the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard and VISA.
bulletAll our prices include de Swiss VAT (7.7%).
bulletFor official exportation (against export papers stamped by Swiss customs) the VAT will be reimbursed (except for models from collections).




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